Why invest in Zebra’s Nest Eco Estate? 

The main reason is probably because Zebra’s Nest is committed to being an eco estate – not an excuse to play golf, indulge a passion for horses, or become a commercial enterprise, even if that is connected to the soil. Every rule in the Environmental Management Plan is followed, resulting in forest and other ecological conservation. Zebra’s Nest is totally in tune with the local authorities.

If you’ve read this far, you must be a nature lover or game enthusiast, but even if you’re not, an eco estate offers you untold health benefits – physical, mental and spiritual. While doctors agree that there is nothing as curative as breakaways in the bush, or nature, as the economy tightens, who can afford a vacation every three months or so - or the luxury of a second home to be used as and when the pressure allows? Zebra’s Nest is close enough to the city to let you come home to its therapeutic effects 365 days a year.

Prolong your life 

Living in harmony with nature, day after day, will reduce the stress you’re experiencing now. And this, of course, will have an immediate effect on your health and mental outlook. Living in a natural environment, in a home designed to need minimum maintenance and makes you feel at one with the environment, witnessing the incredible play of nature and its magnificent, uninterrupted views as far as your eye can see is, in itself, a natural health tonic. Add an enormous dose of quiet – no ugly noise pollution – and you’ll have a foretaste of Paradise!

Harmonise with nature

Another beauty of Zebra’s Nest Eco Estate is the care being taken to create an unwavering standard of harmony.  Where the homes are tastefully designed by a single architect to blend into the landscape and create a homogenous whole, while allowing you to express your own style. Where you’ll find tree houses and scenic platforms to heighten your experience of living in the lap of Africa’s nature.

A sense of aesthetics is the hallmark of Zebra’s Nest homes. They borrow from nature, using natural colours and textures, earthy and ecological materials and structural elements that complement the Estate’s stunning landscape.

Enjoy the game

Watching game in their natural environment is an experience of a lifetime. In Zebra’s Nest Eco Estate it can become a lifetime experience! In next to no time you’ll feel one of the teem!

The eco estate concept is quite extraordinary. Living with the wild, in the wild, but in the most civilised way possible.  


What Is An Eco Estate

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