Will the stands be full title or sectional title?

All seven stands are full title, which means that you’ll have freehold, owning the stand and all buildings erected on it.


How much are the levies?

Initially the monthly levy will be R350 and will be guaranteed by the developer until June 2017. Thereafter the Home Owners’ Association will determine the levies. 

What services does the levy cover?

Safety and security, maintenance of roads, refuse removal, fences and facilities (trails, hides, and wildlife management). 

Are there additional monthly costs apart from the levy?

Property taxes and electricity will also be for the owner’s account.


What about finance?

Since each buyer must arrange for a bond, a deposit and terms will depend on the bond provider’s requirements. However, the developer is prepared to finance any deposit required by the financial institution granting a bond.


May I sell my unit before taking transfer?

No, units may only be sold after taking transfer.


What size dwelling can I build?

Owners can build dwellings of 150 sq m and larger (excluding garages and servants’ quarters), subject to approval by the Architectural Committee. 


May I build a swimming pool?

Yes, but not larger than 16 sq m.


Are there architectural guidelines I must adhere to?

Yes, the style is contemporary and eco-friendly, with emphasis on low maintenance and maximum adaptation to the vegetation and geography of the estate. To give the Estate a game farm atmosphere, thatched roofs are preferred.


May I use my own architect?

To create an aesthetic integrity for the development, only the architect carefully chosen by the developer may be used.


May I use my own builder?

With pleasure. As long as your builder adheres to the home owners’ rules and building regulations.


How long do I have to build?

You need to start building within one year after the original transfer date and complete the building within six months.



Can I move freely around the Estate?

Certainly. But just as you’d like your privacy to be respected, please respect the privacy of other owners.


How will the Estate be managed?

A Home Owners’ Association (HOA) will be established and will be responsible for the Estate management. Until the Home Owners’ Association is up and running, the developer will manage the estate


What about security?

Since the community surrounding the estate is well organised, there is a very low level of crime in the area. This is largely due to Conserv, the security company organised by the community. We thus highly recommend that each owner join Conserv, which specialises in rural security. It is highly likely that the HOA will work closely with them to maintain security on the Estate.


What game is on the estate?

Zebra, nyala, blesbok, waterbuck, duiker, impala and klipspringer.


Who owns the game?

Right now, the developer. However, ownership of the game will be transferred to the owners as soon as a fully-functioning HOA is in place.


Who will pay for game - and veld management?

The owner of the game (developer and later the HOA) will be responsible for wildlife management. This will include introduction of new game, removal of any surpluses, water provision, vegetation monitoring, veld rehabilitation and research.


Am I allowed to fence my stand?

To facilitate the free movement of game, no fences will be allowed on stands, apart from those securing swimming pools and keeping the dogs in.


Can I establish a waterhole for game on my stand?

Only water holes approved by the HOA will be allowed. Bird baths will be welcomed.


Will quad bikes be allowed?

Due to the nature of the development, no excessive noise will be allowed, which precludes the use of quad bikes and off-road motorbikes on the Estate.


Are any pets allowed?

Two dogs per stand will be allowed. They must, however, be kept fenced in at all times except when taken for walks when they must be kept on a leash.


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