What Is An Eco Estate

Today people are becoming increasingly aware of the Earth’s need for protection and nurturing, and our corresponding need for a healthier lifestyle - which includes getting back to nature. And as the planet becomes more crowded, the need for personal space becomes more urgent. To meet these needs, many developers are sculpting the dreams of thousands into ‘eco estates’.


Generally, an eco estate is developed on lush land that is the natural environment of the flora and fauna of that particular region. Since space is one of the major principles of any eco estate, they are designed for properties to be few and far between.  On an eco estate you should feel the freedom and privacy of an environment that offers tranquillity and the sense of being master of your own world.


But have eco estates stayed true to their promises? Most have not. They have succumbed to the lure of money. The money generated by golf estates, equestrian centres, vineyards or orchards, all of which destroy the natural environment – the very purpose of an eco estate. Instead of a true eco estate density of between one and five homes per hectare (as opposed to 20 homes per hectare in normal, single home suburbs), as many homes as possible are crammed onto an estate.


Zebra’s Nest embraces those features that distinguish a genuine eco estate.

·         No artificial landscaping. No golfing, equestrian centres, vineyards or orchards. Only nature at its primeval best … and beautifully simple to maintain.

·         No commercial agriculture.

·         The re-introduction of indigenous trees and plants while judiciously removing alien species.


And at Zebra’s Nest – like all real eco estates - you’ll find all road reserves wider than average – wide enough for paved roads to meander through the reserve while allowing for trees to be grown alongside. No long, straight stretches of road -  just a gently curving, tree-lined area leading to your home, preserving the  pleasant, scenic atmosphere, with buildings harmonising with and complementing the environment.

Since we are party to the ongoing Environmental Management Plan, Zebra’s Nest undergoes an annual scrutiny and report by a conservation officer.

If you are one of the growing number of people in South Africa eager to own a piece of our precious heritage – the bush – discover all the excellent advantages to joining an elite few who have opted to invest in this rare and premium lifestyle.


What Is An Eco Estate

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