If your heart is in the bush,

this is where you should nest


Why Zebra’s Nest Eco Estate?  Zebra’s don’t build nests!  Neither do humans, right? But we talk about home as our ‘nest’. And we talk of ‘empty-nesters’.  So, as Zebra’s Nest Eco Estate is home to several zebras – plus other game, including nyala, waterbuck, blesbok and impala – and will be a very exclusive home to just seven human families, the ‘nest’ fits perfectly. It also describes the eco-friendly concept of this Estate.

This small game farm has been established just 15 minutes east of Pretoria (five minutes off the N4) to allow a select few to live their dream – enjoying the city vibe for business, then escaping to a natural sanctuary to unwind, and so live a truly privileged way of life.

On the whole of the Estate there are only seven large stands (4.2 Ha or nearly 10.5 acres each). So when you invest in this unique lifestyle, you’ll be among the most envied people on the planet.

To take instant advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, you can move into one of the three houses already built. But if you want to establish your own footprint, you can work with the Estate architect to bring to life your cherished dream house.

Imagine waking up, every day, to a view of rolling green hills, perhaps the sight of the meandering river and the placid dam that lies in the middle of the Estate. Better still; imagine sharing all this with a wonderful variety of birds and herds of still-shy wild animals. And when the African sun bleeds swiftly into the horizon, bringing with startling swiftness the black velvet of Africa’s night and nature’s thrilling night-sounds, you’ll know the magic of living in the bush.

As a nature-lover, you’ll appreciate our efforts to keep Zebra’s Nest Eco Estate a true game farm – not a golf estate or high-life venue. Even the houses blend with the natural habitat through all materials being organic and colours complementing the earth tones. Everything is designed to be in perfect harmony.

Honouring the concept of eco estates, Zebra’s Nest subscribes to the Environmental Management Plan rules laid down by the Conservation Office. The water, air and space in this estate are in their true form, untouched by any sort of urban ugliness.

Of course you can always use your bush home for weekends and holidays, but why waste every other day of the year away from the perfect way of life? And why waste another day before experiencing this exciting ecological way to live? Contact us now.


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